Reply by Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova to a media question concerning NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s statement on the upcoming Russia-NATO Council meeting

April 11, 2016

Question: Can you comment on NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg’s words that a Russia-NATO Council meeting will be held at the ambassadorial level in the next two weeks?

Maria Zakharova:
It’s true that Brussels has proposed holding a Russia-NATO Council meeting at the ambassadorial level almost two years after NATO decided to curtail systemic political dialogue and suspend all practical cooperation with Russia. The meeting will be held soon.

The main issues on the coordinated agenda are the crisis in and around Ukraine and the need to fully implement the Minsk Agreements, the security situation in Afghanistan and regional terrorism threats.

We will also address in detail another issue of priority importance to Russia, which is the risk in the unprecedented increase in NATO military activity, in particular in the regions that border Russia.

Our subsequent dialogue will depend on the bloc’s practical actions and will be strictly commensurate with NATO’s reciprocal willingness to resume equal cooperation in the interests of peace and stability in the Euro-Atlantic region.