Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova’s response to a media question about the opening of a US military advanced storage facility in the Netherlands

December 21, 2016

Question: Could you comment on the information that a US army warehouse was reopened in the Netherlands, and US heavy military equipment is being redeployed to it?
Maria Zakharova: Indeed, we couldn’t help but notice the reports about the resumption of work of a US military advanced storage facility with US arms and heavy military equipment, including tanks, infantry carriers and self-propelled artillery. It seems that the West is seeking to make the military and political deterrence of Russia a long-term effort.
The implementation of such plans is another indication that the Netherlands is at the forefront of NATO activities to implement the decisions of NATO summits held in the UK and Poland, which can hardly be described as exclusively defensive. Under the guise of a mythical “threat from the East”, the Hague is participating in air, sea and land-based components of the expanding military presence of coalition forces near the Russian border, such as patrolling the airspace of the Baltic countries and the NATO multinational battalion in Lithuania. The Netherlands has made its territory available for storing US nuclear weapons in Europe.
We believe that such decisions in the military sphere are in keeping with the numerous hostile attacks made by Dutch officials regarding Russia, designed to dial up the anti-Russian hysteria among the Dutch public.
That includes questionable initiatives to create “independent Russian media” to fight so-called “Kremlin propaganda”, the direct financing by the Dutch Foreign Ministry of Russian opposition NGOs, the constant use by Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Foreign Minister Bert Koenders of the spectre of the “Russian military threat” in their public statements, in order to push through, contrary to Dutch public opinion, the ratification of the EU-Ukraine association agreement.
The same kind of thinking is also responsible for the unfair and unjust ruling by the District Court of Amsterdam to transfer items from the exhibition, Crimea: Gold and Secrets of the Black Sea, to Ukraine, rather than museums of Crimea, which, in our opinion, puts an end to the Hague’s cherished ambitions to establish itself as the legal capital of the world.
It seems that the Dutch leaders have acquired a taste for these headlong efforts to intentionally destroy their country’s relations with Russia. Now, it is reinforcing its belligerent anti-Russian policy with “steel”.