Excerpts from Vladimir Putin's replies to media questions following APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting

November 21, 2016

Question: There was fear on the meeting’s sidelines over the consequences of Brexit and Trump’s election. Many people believe that these two events could have a negative impact on the APEC trade development plans. Do you share these fears?
Vladimir Putin: No, and I cannot say I saw any particular fear. I do not know which sidelines you mean. Of course, the matters exist, and my colleagues are obviously asking themselves these questions. However, there should be no fear. Things will settle down one way or another.
Regarding Brexit much will depend on the form of exit Britain chooses and its speed. There are certain challenges, but I believe all of us have enough common sense, including our colleagues in the EU experts. Britain has very good professionals.
Therefore, I am absolutely sure that the situation will develop calmly, and there is no need to whip up tensions. I do not believe that anyone in Britain or Europe will act contrary to their interests. Of course, there are certain challenges, but I do not doubt that we will overcome them.
Regarding the US President-elect. We all understand, and everyone knows, that there is a difference between election rhetoric and real policies in practically all countries.
Speaking about Mr Trump’s promise to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States — what is bad about that?
The United States is a leading global economy, and global economic health largely depends on its development and the resolution of problems it is facing, including the problem of a huge sovereign debt.
I believe that other important conditions include what the FRS does, how it changes the interest rate, whether the dollar becomes stronger and, if it does, how quickly this happens. A lot depends on this in emerging economies and markets. The national currencies and financial resources of APEC member economies depend on this. We discussed all these issues in a calm and business-like atmosphere.