Embassy Statement

January 10, 2018

Today, on January 10, we have learned that the company ‘RIA Global’ that produces content for ‘Sputnik’ may not continue its’ activities unless it registers as a foreign agent. Such steps impede regular work of journalist groups, serve as a basis for all sorts of restrictions that we all witnesses when ‘RT’ was stripped of its’ accreditation in Congress.
We deem such actions unacceptable. We consider this to be another blow to Russia-U.S. relations. We are strongly convinced that these steps do not serve U.S. interests, but undermine its’ image and credibility.
Russia has consistently been against limiting freedom of press. Including limiting the activity of foreign media and journalists. The same cannot be said of the USA and a number of its’ allies, who continue to exert pressure on Russian media instead of promoting mutually beneficial cooperation. It all came down to revoking visas and removal of Russian journalists. There has been a rise in attempts by foreign security agencies to persuade them to cooperate with them.
Where is the reaction of credible international organizations that are supposed to protect the rights of journalists? Will we hear decisive protests in the OSCE?
How long should we tolerate silence with regard to the relocation to the USA of the extremist web-site ‘Mirotvorets’, that contained personal information of thousands of journalists, who visited the conflict zone in Donbass in duty bound.
At the same time, we do not exclude that in accordance with the established practice of double standards these organizations will soon voice sharp criticism toward Russia for our inevitable reciprocal measures in reaction to unconsidered actions of the U.S. authorities.