Embassy Statement

March 1, 2018

Both Russia and Syria aim to resolve the situation in Eastern Ghouta and undertake specific steps to achieve this goal. Together with the Syrian Government, in the unilateral manner we have announced daily five-hour humanitarian pauses with the establishment of humanitarian corridors. These corridors are designed for aid delivery and medical evacuation in full compliance with item 10 of the UNSC resolution 2401.
Unfortunately, these plans are deliberately impeded by militants and their sponsors firmly entrenched in Eastern Ghouta, who hinder the delivery of aid and the evacuation of civilians from this area and who continue to shell Damascus in violation of the established ceasefire.
Meanwhile, we witness the U.S. Administration making groundless accusations toward Russia and the Syrian government. It is appropriate to ask the following questions: what real steps did our American colleagues take to implement the UNSC resolution 2401? What pressure did they put on the moderate opposition? Did they try to convince them to halt fire and not to hold civilians captive? Alas, we do not have answers to all these questions.
The sweeping propaganda campaign initiated by Washington, based on accusations towards Russia of not meeting its' obligations in Syria makes us think that the USA are guided not by the concerns over the fate of the Syrian people, but by self-seeking political interest, which is to preserve by all means the extremist enclave in the Damascus suburbs.
At the same time the United States continue to make groundless statements about the use of poisonous agents as a tool used for anti-Syrian geopolitical engineering. Recent calls by the U.S. Administration representatives to hold Russia accountable for the alleged use of chemical weapons by Damascus is a graphic illustration of pure cynicism. This occurs as the Administration itself acknowledges the absence of related evidence. This evidence never existed before. Fake claims by the ‘White Helmets’, that have totally discredited themselves, as well as other pseudohumanitarian non-governmental organizations that receive Western allowance are nothing, but cheap farce. We warn the U.S. against temptation to use such ‘evidence’ as a pretext to attack Syrian government facilities.