Embassy Statement

February 18, 2018

Barbaric attacks of Ukrainian nationalists on Russian Center of science and culture in Kiev continue. On February 17, 30 extremists from the Ukrainian nationalist organization C14 led by a Ukrainian lawmaker from the Radical Party Andriy Lozovoy broke into the center and demanded to cease its operation in Ukraine. The radicals caused significant material damage and threatened the staff and guests (50 children and 50 adults) with physical violence.
Fascists destroyed an exhibition dedicated to a renowned Russian opera singer Feodor Shaliapin, sprayed extremist graffiti on the walls, insulted Russian diplomats, desecrated our Russian national flag.
Next day, on February 18, members of a Ukrainian nationalist organization C14, threw eggs and stones breaking all the windows of the Russian cultural center in Kiev. This crime is by far not the first one. Such attacks against Russian diplomatic facilities in Ukraine have become a regular occurrence. We are still yet to hear a proper assessment and condemnation from the US authorities. It cannot be ruled out that such actions are inspired by Washington’s example — by seizures of our Russian diplomatic compounds in the U.S.
Apparently, provocative statements of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko at the Munich Security Conference on the ban of the Russian flag gave a direct signal to the radical to proceed with their plans. The outrage continued after the arrival of the police, who did not interfere. The criminals are not afraid of justice and do not even hide their faces.
Radical nationalism in Ukraine has grown to the level of state policy. In the face of aggravated internal contradictions, political turbulence and social dissatisfaction, the authorities in Kiev are actively forcing the image of an external enemy in the face of Russia. They encourage crimes against Russian property and Russian citizens in Ukraine, the authorities at the legislative level encourage persecution of the Russian Orthodox Church, Russian language and culture. Freedom of speech is under pressure, attacks on the media, journalists and bloggers became a normality (members of the C14 group are tried for the murder of journalist Oleg Buzina in 2015. His address was published by the "Myrotvorets" ("Peacemaker") website. This platform moved in 2017 to the U.S. servers.
Russia appealed to the OSCE with a demand to react quickly to the outrageous manifestation of aggressive nationalism and issue an urgent report on the incident, so that all OSCE participating States know about this yet another barbaric incident.
The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly starts next week. The US lawmakers will have a great opportunity to address these developments, especially considering that the pogrom was led by their colleague – the Ukrainian lawmaker from the Radical Party Andriy Lozovoy.
We expect the US officials to stop supporting this “cavemen” nationalism. Not only in Ukraine, but in other Eastern European countries too. It results, as the developments in Kiev show, in pogroms, escalation of xenophobia and extremism.