Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov's response to a question from Rossiya Segodnya concerning the US Administration’s latest allegations of Russian interference in the US election campaign

September 23, 2016

Question: Could you comment on US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper’s remark that there is a tradition in Russia of interfering with elections, their own and others, including the US?

Sergey Ryabkov: This not the first time we have come up against this kind of assertion but it is probably the first time that the US has mixed up recent State Duma elections and the upcoming presidential election in the US. This is a new level of absurdity, and we are simply lost in this US wonderland.

It is bewildering how stubbornly and persistently people who have for decades directly and openly interfered in other countries’ affairs accuse us of interference.

The organization of the election process in Russia has been assessed, among others, by international observers, and from this perspective, there is no reason to pay any attention to the chatter coming from Washington.

However, there is another point that needs to be considered. For some reason, representatives of the present administration in Washington, including its security, military and law enforcement agencies, invariably and as a matter of principle turn a blind eye to the continuing massive interference in the US election campaign on the part of their European allies, the leaders of influential Western European countries and a number of other political figures, who are not above using dirty PR tricks and who constantly talk about their preferences with regard to the competition underway in the US. What’s more, this is met with open and unambiguous approval on the part of the present US administration. A new anti-record has been set, on which we congratulate the White House and the relevant US services.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia