Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov’s comment on the new accusations by the US of Russia directing cyberattacks

October 8, 2016

The joint statement released on October 7 by the US Director of National Intelligence and Homeland Security Secretary features a number of accusations not supported by any specific evidence of Russia’s alleged involvement in arranging cyberattacks against US persons and political institutions. The statement reiterates the claims that were brought up several weeks ago of Russia’s involvement in the disclosure of the correspondence of US citizens, attempts to break into servers, etc. The statement goes as far as saying that Moscow “has used similar tactics and techniques across Europe and Eurasia, for example, to influence public opinion.”

No evidence of these very serious accusations has been presented whatsoever. Either US officials are unable to make out this case, or it has been invented by those in Washington fulfilling yet another political put-up job, which consists of whipping up anti-Russia hysteria to new heights.

Since November 2015, Russia has been offering to hold inter-agency bilateral consultations with the US, to bring together representatives of agencies that specialise in combatting cybercrime. We have not received a reply to this proposal so far. This in itself brings us to question the US administration’s commitment to resolving the growing number of problems in this area. It may be that the US authorities find it more convenient and expedient to find pretexts for coming up with new portions of groundless accusations against Russia. Nevertheless, the proposal remains on the table, and Russia is still open to it.

There is another matter that we cannot fail to mention. The hysteria around alleged Russian hackers has become part of the US presidential campaign, and the current administration, being part of this campaign, does not shy away from dirty tricks. Russia’s detractors persist in their attempts to accuse Russia of interfering in the domestic affairs of the US, while ostentatiously turning a blind eye to the interference in the US presidential race by all sorts of European politicians. It seems that some in Western Europe are seeking to influence the US political landscape in the run-up to the election. Russia advises US defence and law enforcement departments to pay more attention to these outrageous facts and stop pretending that they have nothing to do with “interference in US internal affairs.”

Source: Foreign Ministry of Russia