Comment by the Information and Press Department on CNN videos about alleged Russian weapons deliveries to the Taliban

July 26, 2017

We have taken note of the CNN videos about alleged Russian weapons deliveries to the Taliban.
It is impossible to take videos that show obsolete weapons of unidentifiable origin seriously. The weapons in question have no brand stamps or numbers. These are standard weapons that could be made anywhere. Everyone knows that these weapons were produced not only in Russia but also in other countries, including in Eastern Europe, from which the Americans transported large batches of these weapons to Afghanistan in the early 2000s.
The Taliban drove American-made Humvees in a recent attack on the base of the Afghan National Security Forces in Helmand. It is easy to imagine the conclusion that can be made from this news based on CNN’s logic.
We have said many times that the allegations regarding Russian support for the Taliban, which some Western media make and some Afghan media repeat, are absolutely groundless. So far, neither the Afghan authorities, nor the US and NATO commands in Afghanistan have presented any facts to prove these allegations.
We have to say this again: Russia is not supplying weapons to the Taliban. Russia only maintains contact with them so as to protect the security of Russian citizens in Afghanistan and to encourage the Taliban to join the national reconciliation process.