Comment by the Information and Press Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the examination of the human rights dossier of the United States by the UN Committee Against Torture

To be noted, the US delegation agreed that they violate their own Constitution and international obligations in preventing torture and fighting against it. Nevertheless, the dialogue with the UN experts in Geneva gives us reason to believe that such a “penance” will hardly turn into a real effort to correct the difficult situation in this area. Therefore it is with growing concern we state that the United States is unable to provide the international community with information regarding plans by the White House to close the Guantanamo Bay, to investigate the participation of CIA agents in kidnappings of persons in European Union countries and the detention of persons in secret prisons. Together with the experts of the Committee, we are also concerned about the practice of the United States to extradite detainees to countries, which are consider to be “unreliable” from the point of view of the use of torture. It should be noted, the US delegation refused to comment on the methods of death penalties used in the United States which UN experts consider to be torture. We also share theconcerns of members of the Committee regarding the wide use of disciplinary cells in prisons and the state of the penal system in the United States in general.
In view of the wide range of serious problems identified by the UN Committee Against Torture, we recommend that our US colleagues, who ambitiously pretend to be an international leader in fighting torture, should start by bringing human rights in their own country to elementary order.