Comment by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova on the involvement of US service personnel in provocative acts in Eastern Europe

March 2, 2017

We could not but notice that US service personnel, who have recently arrived in Poland and the Baltics, have already taken part in obviously anti-Russian “historical” campaigns, including a remembrance run in honour of the so-called “cursed soldiers,” members of the anti-Communist Polish resistance movement who shot Red Army soldiers in the back as they were liberating their country from Nazism. The campaign also included a “march to the East”, towards Narva, which culminated in an ostentatious photo session involving Estonian and US service personnel against the backdrop of the Ivangorod fortress on the Russian side of the border.
We firmly believe that such questionable initiatives cast a shadow on the history of the joint Soviet-US fight against Nazism, to say the least. It would be better if, instead of taking part in similar propaganda campaigns, Americans found an opportunity to honour the memory of their allies in the Anti-Hitler Coalition who were killed while liberating Europe from the Nazi scourge.