Answers of the Minister of foreign affairs Sergey Lavrov to the questions of media «on the margins» of the bilateral meeting with the US Secretary of State Jоhn Kerry, Geneva

September 9, 2016

Sergey Lavrov: How are you? Exhausted?
Question: Yes.
Sergey Lavrov: Me too.
Question: But heartend?
Sergey Lavrov: It’s a very tough vertical of power in the democratic system of the US.
Question: It is. So what is happening? Aren’t you getting responses from the White House?
Sergey Lavrov: I don’t know. We are thinking of possible meeting next week. What do you think? Is it worth it?
Question: I bet that you, guys, want to get home too. What’s holding it up? Is it the timing or cooperation?
Sergey Lavrov: I don’t know. It takes 5 hours for our friends to check with Washington. I’m sorry for you.
Question: We are sorry for us too.
Question: Has Russia cleared whatever document you’ve agreed to? Your capital is on board with whatever this peace of paper you’ve agreed to?

Sergey Lavrov: You have an excellent crystal ball!
Question: Does it mean “Yes”?
Question: Where are you on the text?

Sergey Lavrov: We are there. I don’t know where our friends are. But I believe it’s important for them to check with Washington. That’s why I apologize for the delay. We cannot help it.
Question: Is the agreement being finalized than? Have you and Secretary Kerry finalized the agreement or set of proposals? What is it exactly?
Sergey Lavrov: I think everyone except you understood what I said.
Question: Well, spell it out for unintelligible.
Sergey Lavrov: No. I believe it’s not important, it’s important to make sure that you are waiting for us, because we want you to know the truth.
Question: Which is what?
Sergey Lavrov: Which is going to be announced very soon, I hope. Because I hope before Washington goes to sleep we can get some news. My appeal to you is to be patient.
Question: We weren’t be in this job if we were not patient.
Sergey Lavrov: Same with me.